Navigating Employment Law: Insights from Danny King and Natasha Hawker’s Series

April Dewhirst

The following should not be considered legal advice and is for general use only.

In this exclusive video series, Danny King and Natasha Hawker unravel the complexities of an employer’s obligations to its’ employees. Breaking down what you need to know to be proactively compliant and providing invaluable insights and expert guidance to help in managing your business. From navigating legal nuances to understanding the importance of crucial obligations, each video equips employers with the knowledge and strategies they need to thrive in today’s dynamic workforce landscape.


How Do I Downsize?  

Join Danny as she shares invaluable advice on downsizing a business with sensitivity, while still being compliant. In this video, Danny and Natasha guide you through practical strategies for navigating financial challenges while respecting employees. Learn tips for maintaining morale and meeting legal obligations, straight from Danny’s experience.



The Consequences of Non-Compliance

Danny and Natasha uncover the legal, financial, and reputational impacts businesses face when they fail to meet regulations. Learn valuable insights to safeguard your business.



The Importance of Compliance

Danny sheds light on the importance of identifying the right instruments and terms for employees, and the critical role of robust systems. From big brands to everyday issues, she highlights the domino effect of compliance mishaps and the risks of underpayment. Join as Danny and Natasha uncover the proactive steps you need to take in order to mitigate risks and ensure compliance in your organisation.



When the Ombudsman Wants Your Records

Danny emphasises the importance of immediate action, urging businesses to involve their legal and HR teams to ensure they are fully compliant. With no room for non-compliance, Danny highlights the necessity of understanding the issue at hand and proactively addressing it.



Downsizing: When Do You Seek Support?

Danny underscores the invaluable support of compassionate HR throughout the downsizing journey, to help in navigating complexities and ensuring all necessary boxes are ticked. Let’s explore how early HR involvement can streamline the process and maintain a safe and respectful environment for all involved.



FY24 Through a HR & Law Lens

Industries such as banking and financial services are grappling with challenges ranging from interest rate fluctuations to widespread downsizing. Collaboration between HR and legal teams is crucial to navigate downsizing and manage risks effectively. Compliance also remains a significant concern, even for well-equipped organisations. Danny and Natasha explore strategies to ensure compliance in today’s dynamic business environment and the year ahead.


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The above should not be considered legal advice and is for general use only.