When navigating difficult situations and new opportunities, there are crucial moments in people’s careers when legal advice can provide unique insight and support. 

At Danny King Legal, we support employees across a range of workplace issues, including regularly acting as a support person when you need a personal ally in the room, and reviewing contracts of employment. 

The most common situations where we support employees in this capacity include the services listed below.

Acting as Your Support Person

As an employee, if you are asked to participate in an investigation, respond to allegations (including of misconduct and bullying), or discuss a change to your employment, bringing a support person may help you personally manage the situation. 

While there is not always a legal obligation for an employer to facilitate a support person, we often recommend that clients take this opportunity.  

While support people don’t have to be lawyers and cannot speak on your behalf in those meetings, having an expert in the room to take notes and provide emotional support can increase your comfort. It can also ensure that your legal team is across how the matter is developing, so that they can swiftly action next steps.  

At DKL, our team frequently acts as our clients’ support people on short notice. In these situations, our team will: 

  • Set up an introductory call with you before the meeting to get to know you, explain the process and discuss the strategy for the meeting; 
  • Attend the meeting, providing peace of mind that an accurate account of the meeting will be recorded, and prevent meetings from getting out of hand or clients being pressured; 
  • Arrange a debrief to discuss the meeting, including considering the next steps and reflecting on what happened in the meeting;  
  • Will book a comprehensive meeting with a senior member of our legal team, who has been briefed on the matter and can advise on the approach and potential outcomes; and 
  • Support you in resolving the matter, including drafting correspondence, engaging in negotiations and making applications.  

Call +61 2 9223 5669 or submit a webform to learn more about our support person services.  

Contract Reviews and Negotiations

Your contract of employment is a foundational document, and it pays to ensure you understand what all the clauses mean so that you can start your new role with confidence and clarity. Not knowing what a clause meant at the time you signed your contract rarely means that it can’t be enforced against you and creates uncertainty between employer and employee as to expectations, which creates unnecessary tension and risk. 

The DKL approach allows us to walk through your contract with you in our initial consultation, highlighting any red flags we find, and answering questions you have about the impact and meaning of the terms written on the page. We also frequently assist clients in understanding more about any restraints included in their contracts – see more about how we help with restraints here.

If you’re looking for support with negotiating changes to your contract, we can help you with revising clauses, drafting correspondence, and liaising with your employer to ensure everyone’s interests are protected. 

Why choose DKL?

We treat all clients with respect and dignity, and understand that when confronting workplace issues, it is natural to feel vulnerable and confused. As an experienced team of employment law experts, we have assisted many employees to proactively manage issues within their workplaces and reach effective solutions. 

If you have a question at any stage of your career, we can provide tailored guidance and support to help protect your future.  

Call us on +61 (2) 9233 5669, email hello@dannykinglegal.com, or submit a webform to speak to one of our onboarding team about how we can help you.