Working at DKL

Working at DKL

At Danny King Legal, we have a vision of the legal industry being a place where everyone is welcome, and everyone can thrive.

We practice what we preach, by empowering our people with the freedom to design the future that works best for them, and supporting individual choice about how the work is done on the journey. We see that as vital to maintaining our status as the boutique employment law firm of choice that goes above and beyond for its people, who in turn are motivated to share this love with our clients. It is the secret to how we win all of the awards we do – happy people don’t think twice about going above and beyond for our clients.

As we continue to grow, we’re seeking talented lawyers to join our firm. But in many ways, we’re asking you to join a movement in self-directed working we see as the future of the legal workplace.

First, we’re not driven by billing volumes. We have built an employment model where our team can benefit financially from their day-to-day contribution to client work. Beyond that, we support and encourage the pursuit of personal and professional opportunities that matter to you.

With industry-leading perks like personal development and CLE programs, mentor/mentee initiatives, and more flexible time off, our vision for the industry is being modeled in how we show up: where we welcome all people (however they come) and meaningfully support each of our people to thrive.

Our values

When we say our values lie at the heart of our culture and vision as a firm, we mean it. We believe these principles form the foundation of transforming traditional legal service delivery models, where everyone can thrive regardless of their background, needs or context.

Passionate ambition

Knowing first what matters, and the powerful drive that pushes individuals to achieve truly meaningful goals.

Honesty with transparency

Truthful and transparent in one’s words, actions and intentions, and trusting in the same in return.


Do what you say, by taking responsibility for one’s actions, decisions, and their consequences, focusing on solutions rather than blame.

Inclusive generosity

Deliberately seeking to make others feel welcome, whilst sharing and contributing without expecting something in return.

The hustle, flexible adaptability

Adaptability and responsiveness to changing circumstances, meeting change with a growth mindset, and looking for the crisistunity in all situations.


In step with our vision to be an industry-leading firm, we’ve fundamentally changed how we remunerate our people, as well as reframe what it means to work at DKL.

Our personal development program focuses on what matters to the individual, rather than imposing what matters to the firm. Senior members of the firm are rewarded through our Values Bonus for acts that support the development of others and builds value in the firm, so junior members feel safe to ask for the help they need, when they need it, and enjoy the benefit of properly supported and unhurried mentorship.

We believe that our professional staff can be trusted to manage delivering the work that needs to be done, without needing to be prescriptive about when, where or how this happens and when other things have to take priority. Having time off results in better personal, professional, and client outcomes. And with our new remuneration model, we offer the flexibility to take time off when client work has been completed.

There’s no expectation that you fill a seat in the office for the sake of it.

We base everyone’s targets on 3 hours a day. This is just half of the industry average.

For people who want to work more than the minimum, we share generously. Everyone gets a productivity bonus of 10% of revenue generated in excess of target (measured quarterly).
For those who consistently and materially exceed target, we pay what we call ‘level up’, where we pay even we pay even more of a split than the productivity bonus.

We also monetise your relationships and BD efforts, with a marketing incentive bonus to reward work brought into the firm.

Diversity and inclusion

We continue to set the benchmark for diversity in the legal community, and were named Boutique Diversity Firm of the Year at the Women in Law Awards in 2021, 2022 and are finalists for 2023.

We pride ourselves on championing diversity, walking the talk, and supporting initiatives in the industry and broader community that align with our values.

The diversity of DKL is more than just lip service, and extends to neurodivergence, gender, and background. We firmly believe in providing a safe workplace that values every member of the firm’s experience, and invest heavily in mental health initiatives and removing shame associated with diagnoses of any kind.

We offer the opportunity to regularly participate in activities organised by our social committee, another staff-led initiative which makes DKL a great place to work.

Latest insights from our team

Our team regularly collaborate on articles that contribute to the firm’s thinking on legislative updates, notable cases, or other interesting topics. Check out our latest thinking below:

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