We’re highly experienced, award-winning employment and industrial relations lawyers based in Sydney’s CBD, representing employers and employees. We also support the other important components of employment governance, and we help HR professionals to thrive in their roles, as well as other lawyers to access our expertise.

At DKL, we do things differently.

We value people above fees, and we don’t subscribe to winning at any cost.

We recognise the law is just one part of what goes into managing the situations that our clients are in. To live a rich and full life with perspective is often inconsistent with rushing off to court to prove a point.

At Danny King Legal, we walk alongside out clients and assist in making decisions aligned with what really matters to each individual. We focus on achieving successful resolutions quickly, efficiently, and discretely, and also understand that good outcomes are not always achieved overnight. We treat people honourably, and take a non-judgemental approach to our work, which is key to our success. We consistently achieve recognition as being a leading employment law firm in Australia.

When clients decide to get in touch, they immediately feel the benefit of that choice. Our best-in-class onboarding process and a brilliantly run initial consultation reassures our clients they’re in safe hands from day one.

Our vision

To transform the legal industry into one where everyone is welcome and everyone thrives.

Leading by example, we’re removing outdated models of success so every person is seen as someone who can thrive. By offering more opportunities with greater flexibility, more people will be able to thrive.

Our mission

Helping others who share our passion for employment law to be recognised as experts in the field.

This means paying forward the gift of growth that others have given us – through guiding, teaching, or simply listening. Helping every member of our team to think big about where they want to go, fully supporting them to get there, ticking off small wins and milestones along the way.

Our values

When we say our values lie at the heart of our firm’s culture and vision, we mean it.

They provide a strong foundation for transforming traditional legal service delivery models, so that everyone thrives regardless of their background, needs or context.

Passionate ambition

Knowing first what matters most to you, and what works best for you, and having a powerful drive that pushes you to achieve truly meaningful goals

Honesty with transparency

Being truthful and transparent in your words, actions and intentions, and trusting in the same in return.


Do what you say, by taking responsibility for your actions, decisions, and their consequences, focusing on solutions rather than blame.

Inclusive generosity

Deliberately seeking to make others feel welcome, whilst sharing and contributing without expecting something in return or keeping count.

The hustle, flexible adaptability

Adaptability and responsiveness to changing circumstances, meeting change with a growth mindset, and looking for the crisistunity in all situations.