Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in Australian workplaces is not only illegal; it can take a significant toll on individuals subjected to unwelcome conduct or advances. That harm can extend to the settings where incidents occur, jeopardising organisational culture, reputation, and broader workplace health and safety.

With expert guidance, employers can implement measures to help prevent and manage any incidence of sexual harassment and help meet employers’ obligations to manage the risks. Understanding the complexities, developing the right policies and mindset and building workforce awareness feature among the fundamentals.

For Employees

We recognise that sexual harassment can cause employees psychological and physical harm, leaving them vulnerable and unable to perform their work duties. Employees who experience this can often make claims under the Fair Work Act (Cth) and relevant anti-discrimination legislation.

For Employers

All employers have a legal obligation to take all reasonable steps to minimise the risk of discrimination and harassment occurring in the workplace. This highlights a number of risks that employers navigating sexual harassment claims need to manage.

Sexual Harassment: Fundamentals for Employers

In addition to helping employers respond to, and manage, sexual harassment claims as they occur, DKL has developed a more holistic program. Our Sexual Harassment: Fundamentals for Employers package is designed to support employers seeking to implement longer-term solutions to this pervasive issue.

The package provides business leaders with a toolkit to better understand sexual harassment as well as prevent, manage, and address incidents when they arise. The package has four core components:

Knowledge & Data

Knowledge & Data

DKL will work with you to complete our onboarding process, the foundation to tailor our advice. This includes completing a questionnaire and providing details of existing policies and processes for the DKL team to review.

Consultation & Guidance

Consultation & Guidance

We will meet with you and conduct a structured discussion to acquaint ourselves with your business and answer any questions.

Audit & Advice

Audit & Advice

We will conduct a 'health check' of existing policies, processes, culture and mindset. Client-specific recommendations will be developed, addressing risks and operation responses and practical materials on sexual harassment.

Education & Awarness

Education & Awarness

We will conduct an educational session with all employees so that everyone understands the issues, their obligations, and provide a forum to answer questions.

For employers wanting more support, we also offer the following additional add-ons:

Policy Establishment & Design

We are experts in developing new workplace sexual harassment policies and revising existing policies in line with the latest legislative and cultural imperatives.

Ongoing Support & Education

DKL hosts ‘ask me anything’ sessions allowing employers and employees to reflect on their training and further their understanding of the best-practice approach to managing sexual harassment.

Creation of a customised pre-recorded video that can be included within new employee induction packs containing essential information on workplace sexual harassment.

Why choose DKL?

Not only do we treat every client with the respect and dignity they deserve, but we are also experienced, award-winning employment lawyers with a deep understanding of the complexities of legal and cultural sexual harassment issues. Whether you are the victim of sexual harassment or lead an organisation that needs to address these issues, our team will help protect your rights and reach tailored workplace solutions. Our goal is to provide guidance that balances the outcomes clients seek with the right solution for the proper context. That means avoiding costly and time-consuming litigation where we can.

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