Michelle is Executive Assistant to Principal Solicitor, Danny King, and forms a key part of the Administration Team at Danny King Legal. Michelle is an experienced administrative assistant, who also oversees Marketing and Events for the firm.

Michelle was awarded a Secretarial Certificate at the Holmesglen Institute in Melbourne before working as Executive Assistant to the National Head of HR Consulting Services of AMP. She then went on to work as an Administrative Assistant at Amicroe Australia and Slade Group, Administration Manager at Print Audit, and Personal and Team Assistant at Philip Chun & Associates, prior to joining Danny King Legal in 2021. Michelle’s extensive experience in administration is highly regarded, evident in her recognition throughout her career by employers, including as a three-time recipient of the AMP Champion Award. Her work at Danny King Legal benefits from her varied professional and industry insight from her involvement in major and medium sized Australian businesses.

As Executive Assistant at Danny King Legal, Michelle works closely with Principal Solicitor, Danny King, and provides strong support in the administration and daily functioning of the firm. Michelle’s organisational skills are a valuable contribution to the team, demonstrated through her extensive administration oversight, and her client management and liaison. She has a focus on improving procedures and policies, and also oversees the firm’s marketing strategy and coordinates events.

Michelle has been recognised by her colleagues for her encouraging, and optimistic personality, and her generosity of time and willingness to help other staff problem-solve. She is dedicated to the firm’s overall operation moving from strength to strength, and her vast skillset lends itself to succeeding in this endeavour.

After many years devoted to raising her children and working on a part-time basis, Michelle is excited to resume her career full-time at Danny King Legal, to concentrate on her professional and personal growth. When not working, she loves to enjoy her time outdoors with friends and family.