As a Partner at Danny King Legal, Kevin is an enterprising and stalwart practice leader and lawyer, finding pause in the success of his clients and peers.

Kevin has worked across a number of commercial firms over the years, including in Sydney and SAR Hong Kong, before joining Danny King Legal and specialising in employment law. He sits as one of two partners, leading the employer and employee representation teams. He is also the Head of the firm’s Innovations and People Department.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University (Montreal), and a Juris Doctor (Honours with Distinction) from the University of New South Wales.

Innovations and People

Kevin has extensive experience working with the public sector, beginning in the early 2000s, in what he considers the ‘coming of age’ era of information technology in the workplace. During this time, Kevin was a project manager at various public entities, accumulating over a decade of experience particularly in public hospital administration. He has been at the cutting edge of business unit reforms, including domestic and overseas labour outsourcing, and legacy systems conversion of analogue offices to digital.

Building upon those experiences, the Innovations and People Department at Danny King Legal was created by Kevin to combine education sphere methodology, technology, and training to transform DKL into a technology assisted firm, harnessing the tech savvy potential of the young lawyers on staff. The Innovations and People Department prides itself on having put DKL a position to be one of the first firms to decentralise operations and move to working from home due to COVID-19, with genuine flexible working arrangements for staff with carers and home-schooling responsibilities —aside from also keeping in line with our CSR commitments to the environment by largely operating DKL in a paperless environment.

Employer Work

Kevin’s employer-side focus is on assisting small to medium enterprises in growing their business with employment relationship management. He assists employer clients with adopting employer-agile frameworks, not only building employment culture systems, but also leading employer in-house training programs to cover everything from hiring to firing. He also advises on prevention as well as intervention in matters of bullying, discrimination, and dismissals. Although he runs all client matters, his pervious life interests in public service and healthcare have resulted in his particular interest in assisting third party human resources providers, aged care institutions, technology start-ups, and allied health care providers.

His efforts have led his team to be recognised as an Australasian Law Awards Employment Law Specialist of the Year finalist for four consecutive years, and recently as a Top Employment Law Firm in Australasian Lawyer’s Top Boutique Firm list.

Employee Representation

Kevin’s employee practice has a particular focus on assisting senior executives enforcing their rights against public financial corporations, state-owned enterprises, government entities, and major corporations in the banking and technology circles. His leadership has led to DKL being recognised by the esteemed Doyle’s Guide in the categories of Employment Law Firm (Employee and Trade Union Representation) on the National and NSW lists for 2021.

He also runs the firm’s Workplace Advice Service practice, which provides pro-bono legal support to community clients referred by the Fair Work Commission. As a part of the intersection of the Innovation and People initiative and the Workplace Advice Service, DKL continues to develop self-help legal training programs to benefit employees and SME business owners with self-representation for legal matters.

Educational Focus

Kevin’s work philosophy makes use of his history as a university educator, working for Macquarie University teaching foundations courses, as well as the University of New South Wales for several years as the employment law program lecturer. Kevin is now a regular speaker at various CPD events, with some of his most volunteer work chairing a variety of Thomson Reuters symposiums on employment law. He is regularly asked to speak on the intersection of employment law and mental health in the workplace.

Personal Philosophy

Kevin takes a community-oriented approach to the law and running Danny King Legal. He believes that taking care of the firm’s people empowers them to take care of the clients, and advocates this approach in his client work too. Kevin sees employment law as an opportunity to proactively build culture and uphold corporate social responsibility, to not only resolve short-term issues, but establish long-term healthy businesses.

His legal practice continues in a lifelong dedication to commerce and community, drawing upon the inspirations of his time as a small business owner, a card-carrying healthcare advocate, and over 25 years as a martial arts hobbyist. He shares in his successes with his wife, their newborn, and two cats.