Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts are essential legal documents that govern the employment relationship.

A well-drafted and considered contract or agreement provides clarity from the beginning of the employment relationship (or a service relationship for independent contractors). It provides the needed transparency on the rights and obligations of each party.

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If you are negotiating an employment contract or independent contractor agreement, it is important to ensure your arrangements are documented in a written agreement with essential terms you understand.

Our highly experienced employment lawyers will work alongside you to achieve a successful outcome with your contract.

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Employment agreements should be tailored to reflect your organisation’s brand and in a format that can be populated for multiple uses. You should not need a new contract each time you hire.

DKL Premier Contract Package

We offer a comprehensive employment contract package for employers who want to be confident that their agreements comply with relevant legislation, and employment standards, and are customisable. Our templates are:

  • catered to your business to make sure it works for you.
  • developed to reflect the style and tone of your organisation.
  • applicable to multiple employees.

We also provide comprehensive training, so when your employees ask questions, you already know the answers.

Eemployment contracts are developed to suit full-time, part-time, fixed-term and, casual employees. We also prepare agreements for , independent contractors.

Our contracts package has 4 easy steps:

Contract Review and Advice

If you already have a contract and want to check whether it is up to standard or wish to update it to cater for changes, we can conduct a ‘red-flag’ review . Our red flag review involves us going through your existing documents and letting you know where improvements can be made, and providing you with advice.

Following the review, we can also make the necessary amendments to your documents if you want.

Call us on +61 (2) 9233 5669, email hello@dannykinglegal.com or submit a webform to speak to one of our onboarding team about how we can help you with all your contract needs.

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Independent Contractors

We can advise on whether certain work arrangements constitute an independent contractual relationship or an employer/employee relationship. This is an important consideration for employers who must be careful to avoid breaching ‘sham provisions’ by misrepresenting an employment relationship as one of contracting via an independent contractor agreement.

Various factors must be considered when determining the difference between an employee and an independent contractor, and each case must be assessed in light of the relevant circumstances.

If you have an independent working arrangement with an organisation, or have been asked to work as a contractor, we can provide advice to ensure compliance and avoid the risks associated with breaches.